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Below is information about how you or your loved one may benefit from our volunteer programs, as well as how you can join our exceptional team as a volunteer.


Hospice care volunteers provide essential support to patients and their families. The quality of life of our patients is often bolstered by the kindness of those in their own community. Trinity of El Paso is focused on building a strong volunteer program and creating a meaningful impact in the El Paso Region.

Patient/Family Opportunities

There are many ways volunteers can support the work hospice does. Examples are listed below.

Patient visits

Volunteers visit patients for many reasons:

  • A hospice patient in a facility doesn’t have family living nearby. A volunteer can provide companionship and let the patient know someone cares.
  • The caregiver of a home patient wants/needs to go out for a while. Having a volunteer sit with the patient allows him/her to leave without worrying.
  • As a support for the family, just having someone to talk to. There are times the patient may be nonresponsive or not even seem to know you are present. Please remember it doesn’t mean the patient can’t hear you; if you know it brings comfort it’s ok to talk, read or even sing to a patient. It is also ok to sit in silence and be a caring presence in the room.


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Bereavement support / visits

Volunteers may also provide bereavement support. If you are interested in bereavement support you will work with the hospice bereavement coordinator. It may also mean extra training to ensure you are comfortable in this role. More information about bereavement services is in the next section of this module.

A couple of examples are:

  • Visiting with family members experiencing anticipatory grief before the patient dies.
  • Following up with family members after the death of the patient.
  • Helping the Bereavement coordinator with the memorial service of our deceased patients.




Vigil visits

We have an 11-hour program, which provides a caring presence for a patient at end of life. You would be assigned a patient to vigil; during his/her final hours. Specialized training is available for this program.

Special Projects

Pet therapy

Some offices use pet therapy. This would apply to volunteers who already have a dog who has been trained or will be trained as a therapy dog. These dogs may either visit patients in their homes or in facilities.


Professional massage therapists or music therapists are needed to provide these services to patients.

Public speaking

There may be opportunities for volunteers to provide education to the community regarding hospice services. Volunteers interested will receive additional training and will use the approved courses developed by the hospice.

Bereavement camps

There are some areas that provide yearly children’s bereavement camps. These camps may be for one day or a weekend. Additional training is needed to participate in a children’s bereavement camp.
Volunteers are needed in all aspects of camp management:

  • Preparation of camp materials
  • Camp set up
  • Support during the camp by providing meals/snacks, etc.
  • Camp buddies for attendees
  • Clean up

Additional information about Bereavement Volunteer Services

The aim of the volunteer bereavement program is to provide support to those bereaved; whether they are loved ones of a hospice patient or a community member that may be suffering from a loss. Bereavement volunteers work with the direction of the bereavement coordinator.

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